Minimalist Design : Less is More

Minimalist Design : Less is More


Minimalism can be described as the simple inclusivity of what’s necessary and the exclusion of what’s redundant. It encourages only focusing on the bare meaning found in elements. While this art style often appears straightforward, a lot of thought and creativity goes into the production and development of a minimalist piece. Here is a guide involving 5 minimal but crucial tips and tricks to discover your inner minimalist.

  1. Include White Space Annotation 2019-04-05 155427

White space or ‘negative space’ is considered empty or blank space in a composition. Sometimes, however, it is not entirely a negative aspect to look at. With effective and consistent use, white space can help frame key elements, balance out your technique, and give off a clean finish.

   2. Symbolism 

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Try to incorporate symbolism in your minimalist piece so that the message you are trying to convey stands out – whether that be a company name or service. This delivers a strong impact on your audience without excessive and confusing details in your graphics.

3. Colour Scheme 

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A simplified colour scheme provides a more relaxed neatness to your design. The idea with a minimalism  is to use only hues necessary to portray your brand, so 1-3 Colours work best. However,  don’t be afraid to utilize different shades of the same colour to establish an organised monochromatic scheme.

4. Focal Point 

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Attracting and maintaining interest is a crucial goal for minimalism, as it’s purpose is to be concise and straight to the point. Using contrast, leading lines, asymmetry, and colours can create a strong focal point that immediately grasps your audience’s attention.

5. Excluding Details 

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Designers are often perfectionists who always try to improve their designs by adding complexity in hopes for client approval. Possibly the most crucial aspect of minimalism is keeping in mind that solely the necessities are necessary; include only what’s important in order to portray your theme effectively.



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