Introduction to SEO

Introduction to SEO

SEO, simply stands for search engine optimization however, it goes far beyond making your website work well with search engines.  Continue reading to understand the functionality and importance of SEO.

The path to good SEO is to create good content and being relevant.

SEO makes your website easier to use not only for search engines but also the people who you want to be able to access your website. Put simply it is the internet version of allowing yourself to be seen (through your website); building bridges between your website to your search engines. Majority of websites use search engines to work properly. To put metaphorically, SEO allows search engines to build roads to your website. For any successful website to achieve its purpose, it needs traffic.

What is important in SEO is being able to have your site be able to understand for both people and search engine robots. Search engines are not simply looking for keywords, rather they determine search queries with relevant sources and popularity of sites to determine the top search results. The difference between being able to be found through search engines can easily be the difference between business and bankruptcy. So being able to rank highly in search results highly dictates whether or not mass majority of people deem you credible or relevant, this is especially true in a world that is condensed and packed with information, being able to find what you need is the difference and the only factor.

Google in particular ranks recommendations based on a couple factors, one of which is being a website made for users, sites should have a clear hierarchy and text links, the site needs to be useful and information-rich and with use of creative descriptive and human-friendly URLs. A big part of SEO is being able to appear in search results, these search results come from using keywords that would be important to both potential people going to your site. However, it is also very important not to ignore what and who the competition you might be up against and the audience you are trying to target.

The path to good SEO is to create good content and being relevant. Being able to show your audience what your content is trying to provide build on the fact of whether or not your website can be relevant and have an authority to comment or discuss whatever it is that you are trying to communicate through your website.

Improving your website’s SEO come in many different ways.  It is obvious to have relevant content, but other ways to easily improve SEO is to include good image labels, relevant links and references, unique and relevant page titles, and proper spelling and grammar. Content that is the most important should be in HTML text so search engines can identify it, so your information can easier be found by users. Using alt text for images provides much-needed context to your images especially for search engines.


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