The Importance of Social Media on Branding

The Importance of Social Media on Branding

Social media is moving out of its realm of leisure and becoming incredibly prevalent in today’s business world.  Here are 5 reasons we have for why social media is important for branding.

  1. Cost-effective

    With advertising being such a big aspect of branding and getting your company’s name out in the world, this tactic can sometimes rack up some bills.  However, social media is free for the most part.  Most platforms provide free services which allow for companies to receive a greater return on investment.  In addition, social media is growing more and more each day with more traffic on the various platforms.  With that being said, more people are finding companies and making connections through social media emphasizing its abilities to spread awareness to companies again.

  2. More Personable

    Social media originally was used to share personal thoughts and memories with friends and family.  Nevertheless, with the great expansion of all platforms, it has quickly become a form of sharing information with more than just close circles.  Many users view companies with a heavy social media presence to be more personable – especially those who maintain consistent engagement with customers, as they seem to be more welcoming and relatable.

  3. Enhanced SEO Rankings

    SEO is very important to online business success yet, the requirements change frequently.  Social media has increased in importance when it comes to SEO rankings.  It is now becoming more crucial to share content on social media on a consistent basis to increase the brands rank on search engines.

  4. New Customers

    Social media platforms have nailed catering content to their specific user.  With Instagram for example, the explore page varies between users displaying different content based off of what the user tends to click on or interact with such as fashion or funny posts.  Social media is keen on catering its content to users to ensure they are satisfied with what they see and to get a more personable experience.  With that being said, having social media pages for your company can work to finding new customers with the nature of social media is spreading similar posts to users who they believe will take interest in the specific posts.  Therefore, if someone is interested in posts like those found on your page, there is a higher chance that your page or posts will appear on their own explore page drawing interest.

  5. Customer Service

    We live in the day and age in which picking up the phone to call someone is not the preferred mode of communication.  Younger generations are finding more comfort in communication that includes a screen in between the parties and short informal messages.  With that being the case, many people find it easier and preferable to reach out to companies through their social media pages for inquiries rather than the slightly more extensive actions of emailing or calling.

With these 5 reasons in mind, we hope you understand the importance of social media marketing for companies.  Nevertheless, it is still crucial to make your own decisions and understand your audience.  Cater all of your advertising towards your specific demographic.  Nevertheless, we hope you put more consideration into social media as a branding strategy and if so, follow us on our social media accounts!



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