How to Make a Colour Palette

How to Make a Colour Palette

There are so many colours in the world that sometimes, picking which colours look best together can be a bit difficult.  Nevertheless, with the help of our blog post on colour theory as well as this one, we will be simplifying the process of finding a colour scheme best suited for your company.

Today we will be breaking it down into three simple steps so keep reading if you want to learn how to make a colour palette for your business.

Find a Picture

Find an image online (we recommend Pinterest) that includes all of the colours you want in your palette.  This could be a photo with the exact colours or one that gives off the mood you want.  This is also a great way to get inspiration on your branding as a whole.  These photos that you sort through could add to your mood or inspiration board so its a win-win!

Here is a photo we found that we liked.  It is simply a picture of tiles but we thought it was very pretty and gave off a nice energy.  This photo is a good example of how you do not have to get your inspiration from anything too specific – literally anything you find attractive could work such as kitchen tiles.  The blues in this photo all compliment each other well making it a good inspiration piece for a colour palette.




Grab the Colours

The next step in creating your colour palette is extracting the colours from your inspiration photo.  For this step, you can head over to Adobe Color CC.  This is a free website that allows you to create and play around with colour palettes.  What is a very key feature to this website is that it allows you to upload an image and it will automatically extract a few of the colours from the image and create a basic palette.  Once you have uploaded the image, a default palette is created.

Screenshot (1)



Adobe Color CC gives you an automatic palette but that doesn’t mean you cannot adjust it.  Start playing around with the colour pickers until you find the perfect colour palette.  You may like the original they provide you with or you may tweak them all.  This part is completely up to you.

Screenshot (2)

And there you have it, your final colour palette!  Now you can use this for all your branding needs. Screenshot (3)


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